Ventacity Launches VS500 Super Quiet SQ Ductless HRV System For Education And Office Environments

PORTLAND, Ore., January 30, 2017 – Portland, Ore.-based Ventacity Systems introduces its VS500 SQ (Super Quiet) ductless heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system. The unit’s minimal noise level provides an ideal solution for healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) management in decentralized applications such as school classrooms, office environments and conference spaces. Engineered to provide efficient mixing of pre-heated air, the VS500 SQ delivers fresh indoor air without drafts or the creation of cold/hot spots.

“More and more, healthy indoor air quality is becoming a primary focus for communal environments, especially in the education construction sector,” said Sal D’Auria, president and CEO of Ventacity Systems. “Ventacity’s new VS500 SQ addresses this need, as a high-performing, ultra-quiet unit that is also optimized for energy efficient operation.”

The VS500 SQ includes a programmable controller “brain” can adjust ventilation rates and core bypass volume based on building conditions such as CO2, VOC and occupancy levels, to supply the exact volume of required fresh air at the precise temperature, thus optimizing both IAQ and energy consumption. Providing 32dbaA acoustical performance, the unit delivers up to 500 cfm of fresh air, with 90-percent heat recovery efficiency.

It additionally features an electric pre-heater, as well as internal CO2, RH, pressure and temperature sensors. Integrated modern controls allow for easy operation, with a user-friendly touch screen display. The unit’s unique ductless ceiling mount minimizes installation time and associated costs, and filters can be easily accessed upon required replacement.

Ventacity’s new VS500 SQ can be specified with the company’s Smart Building Gateway and Smart Ventilation Cloud Services, which add BACnet, remote management and a smart analytic engine that makes predictions and recommendations for optimizing performance. It is additionally available with an optional electric or water post-heater.