Ventacity Systems Is Changing The Face Of Fresh Air Exchange With Launch Of North Americas First Smart Ventilation Management System

PORTLAND, Ore., January 30, 2017 – Portland, Ore.-based Ventacity Systems announces the availability of its Smart Ventilation Management Systems, which provide efficient, intelligent and secure 24/7 control of indoor air quality (IAQ) in smaller commercial buildings. Groundbreaking to the industry, these systems uniquely combine intelligent heat recovery ventilation with a secure, private cloud network, as well as monitoring and management services to remotely control IAQ in real-time while reducing the HVAC system energy load.

We’re passionate about bringing cutting-edge networking and Internet of Things technologies to the HVAC industry – innovations that can conserve energy while making the building environment healthier and more comfortable for occupants, said Sal D’Auria, president and CEO of Ventacity Systems.

Re-engineering ventilation solutions in a way that promotes both health and efficiency, Ventacity has developed products that optimize building environments in a wide array of light commercial applications, including office buildings, retail, schools, restaurants and multi-family. Operating at up to 93-percent efficiency, Ventacity’s high-efficiency, intelligent HRVs deliver fresh outdoor air within a comfortable few degrees of room temperature, reducing heating and cooling loads and HVACR equipment energy requirements by up to 50 percent.

Ventacity heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are able to independently monitor a variety of comfort-related conditions, including indoor/outdoor temperature, relative humidity and occupancy status. Additionally, Ventacity systems connect with sensors to automatically detect and address unhealthy levels of CO2 or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Engineered to meet international Passive House Institute “Certified Component” standards for a long life of high performance in harsh outdoor environments, Ventacity Systems HRVs are easily installed on rooftops, outdoors, or in mechanical rooms.

Ventacity Smart Building Gateway

Ventacity’s unique Smart Building Gateway (SBG) provides continuous ventilation management system monitoring from any internet connection. Via the SBG, facilities managers and contractors can gain instant, live access to all air quality parameters, and immediately determine whether the ventilation management system is operating at optimal efficiency and maintaining healthy IAQ. Operational settings can be easily adjusted from any internet-enabled device to accommodate unexpected variances such as high building occupancy, or drastic shifts in outdoor temperatures or relative humidity. Additionally, determination of whether or not onsite ventilation management system maintenance is required can be achieved remotely via the SBG, saving on unnecessary service calls.

Able to be integrated in all Ventacity HRV and ERV systems, the SBG is the only device of its kind that is securely connected to the internet (via the proprietary Ventacity Cloud), thus inhibiting hacking of the system itself or the entire facility’s IT network.

”Ventacity’s Smart Building Gateway provides instantaneous, 24/7 ventilation management system performance monitoring via online dashboards, efficiency report emails and mobile alerts, said D’Auria. As essentially a plug-and-play technology, the SBG is also pre-configured in such a way that setup does not require a networking engineer, IT professional or controls specialist. You just turn it on, log in and you see your building status.

Ventacity’s Smart Cloud Services work with the SBG to offer a variety of monitoring and management functions, including an online dashboard displaying both current and historical building conditions, air quality parameters (such as CO2, relative humidity and VOCs), and energy savings. Air quality and energy savings reports are automatically emailed at regular intervals, and the system is pre-configured to send immediate trouble alerts via text and/or email.

About Ventacity Systems

Portland, Ore.-based Ventacity Systems embraces the mission of reducing heating, ventilation and air conditioning energy consumption in commercial building applications while providing healthy indoor environments. Successful in re-engineering the mechanical system design paradigm, Ventacity’s latest systems enable DOAS plus, which separates heating/cooling system and dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) functionality in a way that reduces HVAC energy use by up to 50 percent. Ventacity’s PHIUScertified VS1000 RT, a high-performance rooftop ventilation unit with heat recovery designed for optimal performance in light commercial applications, has forged the path for DOAS plus, making the combination of notable energy savings and improved indoor health and comfort a commercial reality in today’s HVACR landscape.