A Breath Of Fresh Air And Energy Efficiency

A Portland-based company is a breath of fresh air and energy efficiency to the U.S. HVAC market with a new product that separates ventilation from the heating and cooling system.

Ventacity Systems is introducing the VS1000RT Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV), a rooftop ventilation Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) unit. The VS1000RT is the first commercial HRV to go to market in the US with 3 top-tier certifications – Passive House, UL, and CSA. These standards ensure that the VS1000RT goes above and beyond rigorous energy efficiency and safety standards when implemented as a retrofit or new mechanical system.

As concerns grow over climate change, energy efficiency is increasingly important. Heating and cooling of commercial buildings accounts for as much as 40 percent of the energy consumption in the U.S. Energy savings from the VS1000RT reduce the demand and cost for heating and cooling by up to 50 percent by preserving heat from interior air as fresh air flows indoors.

The VS 1000RT HRV recovers up to 93 percent heat on exchange of intake and exhaust air, compared with an average 60-70 percent heat recovery on competitive HRV products. It is suitable for many commercial building applications such as retail, office, restaurants, gathering spaces, schools, and multi-family residences. Buildings with little operable ventilation, such as office spaces, benefit from HRVs to keep air clean and fresh.

The VS1000RT comes to market having passed stringent certifications. Products certified with the Passive House Component seal integrate seamlessly into the rigorous Passive House building standard, and have surpassed ventilation performance qualifications that account for disadvantageous air leakage and fan inefficiency. Passive House Component Certification requires a minimum of 75 percent operational efficiency; the VS1000RT came in at 82 percent. In addition to the VS1000RT aligning with high standards of energy efficiency, the UL and CSA seals promote the electrical safety of the units.

Ventacity President, Sal D’Auria, presented at the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) this week to introduce tho VS1000RT to an extensive range of architects, engineers, consultants, and manufacturers. The Passive House Component certification will also be awarded at the NAPHN event. “We’re passionate about reducing the carbon footprint of heating and cooling in the U.S.,” said D’Auria. “And we are concerned about healthy air.”